Postcards from Poland

Hidden within a forest of south-west Poland, rests an abandoned military hospital built by the Germans in 1929. It was overtaken by the Russian Military during their occupation in 1945, until the downfall of the Soviet Union in 1989. I’ve climbed many walls to see abandoned buildings over the years, but this is by far…

The Summer That Was.

I recently shot this campaign for Westfield with the good people of Sibling, celebrating the beautiful moments that sunshine and free time creates. This is one to remind us that while ‘winter’ is on the horizon (North America / European friends – don’t laugh), it won’t be long before we’re squeezing into last year’s boardies…

NIKE : India

Coinciding with International Women’s Day this year, Nike Women launched a bold and energetic campaign featuring India’s most celebrated fitness personalities. Working alongside the beautiful people of BBH Singapore, we set out across Mumbai in search of colour, texture and perfect light. As if this wasn’t enough, we also had the privilege of working with…


I love a good location shoot. Being out in the elements, capturing light only when the time is right is still the best tool for creating work that truly resonates. The smell of the earth in the early morning, the cool mist on your hands as you assemble the camera as the light slowly lifts…


Travelling with the great people of BBH Singapore, I recently had the chance to shoot Nike’s Fight For Your Dream Campaign throughout Berlin, London and Istanbul. We followed four elite athletes; Boxing champions – Ramla Ali (featured) and Zeina Nassar (featured), Taekwondo Gold Medalist, Irem Yaman and Freestyle World Champion Wrestler, Yasemin Adar. It was…


To coincide with the release of the Socceroo’s World Cup Kit, I worked with legendary creative David Smith, of Blood Utd, to capture raw street-style photography of players and musicians who all share the same love for the game.


Here’s a stills & motion campaign I shot last December with Blood UTD’s David Smith, Nike and a group of very talented, fit and inspirational women including Kayla Cullen, Steph Bruckner, Kyah Simon, Kim Ravaillion, Moana Hope and Jordan Mercer.


During the big storm of last weekend I took a walk down to my beloved Coogee to watch it being spanked by endless raging waves and winds that I’ve never seen the likes of before. The normally calm bay had turned into an angry beast, wiping away stone blocks and metal fences like they were made of balsa wood.


Continuing the quest to find the nation’s finest Dagwood Dog, I returned to the pits of Sydney’s Valvolene Raceway on the night of the annual Smash-up Derby. It turns out these legends yearn all racing season to hook up a Port-a-Loo to a caravan, then to the back of a clapped-out Commodore, a Ford or whatever moves when you stick petrol in it.