Being a professional photographer is great. I get paid to immortalise evocative moments, with photography and film as my tools. I get to travel the world and go places most people can’t. And I get to collaborate with smart, creative, and talented humans across a myriad of industries.

But it can also be a curse. I’m fairly certain that my passion might be the thing that drives me insane one day. Which is why I don’t take myself too seriously, even if I am very serious about what I do.

I’m obsessed with creating thought-provoking visuals, images that evoke emotion in an audience. Pretty pictures aren’t enough anymore. I strive to make people feel something; joy, sorrow, elation, celebration – anything!

In a world of visual clutter I believe it’s more important than ever to cut to the core of what makes us human. Relatability and believability are the driving forces behind the images I create. While briefs often require a high degree of technical understanding, I strive to deliver imagery that stays in a world of authenticity and realism. This approach has created opportunities to photograph and direct campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands over the last decade.

For now, I’m fueled by an endless thirst for discovery and a focus on delivering award-worthy work for my clients – with a vibe that’s effortless and fun. So get in touch, I’d love to hear about your latest project.